Distilling Craft Gin

Learn to distil your own gin

THE heart of gin’s art

Distilling craft GIN isn’t just the firing up and operating of a hand-MADE still.

Indeed, this is very much at the heart of gin’s art, but just importantly making a craft gin is about plants, their magical properties, flavours and aromas. For me, distilling gin encompasses creativity, experimentation and science.

Magic and Science

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It’s about the science of fermentation and the craft of imagining stunning botanical combinations. It is the magic of melding the natural elements around us – earth, water, fire, air – to create a pure entity containing the essence of them all.

Being a keen gardener with a strong interest in science and product development, I was attracted to distilling gin like a moth to flame, and remember my first gin distillation fondly. The fresh aroma of juniper mingling with other botanicals as they created gin magic in a glistening copper still. I was instantly transfixed by the steady drip of crystal clear spirit, and fascinated by the flavour and herbal properties of gin’s many ingredients. And so my passion for craft gin distilling began.

A passion that sparked d:STIL Project, a way for me to share what I love with other aspiring craft distillers and gin lovers.


Kicking off with a Gin Distilling Experience in February, we now have a calendar of bookable events and also host private birthday parties and other special events.

My ultimate aim is to launch New Zealand’s first Craft Gin Distilling School – a make-your-own nano distillery. Here you’ll learn how to formulate, distil and finish your own gin. I already have 10 stunning alquitar stills ready and waiting to fire up, and am just waiting on the appropriate licences to be approved before classes can begin. 

I’d love to share my journey with you. Please subscribe for d:STIL mail and/or follow our social channels, and never be shy to get in touch with ideas or questions.